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BEESS Professional Learning Alternatives

Are you looking for quality professional development learning opportunities?

FDLRS provides a variety of ways to earn in-service points. Free online professional learning is available statewide through the BEESE Portal to Professional Learning Alternatives (PLA). Our PLA courses are designed to assist Florida educators with various instructional and behavioral support needs to maximize achievement for all students. Each course contains high quality, up-to-date content and engaging, online activities.

We encourage you to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to see how these courses can help you earn in-service points and increase your ability to respond to the diverse needs of your students.

The BESSE Portal to PLA offers both Facilitated and Independent Study Courses.

Facilitated Courses

Our Facilitated courses provide educators with structured self-pace study of course content while applying their learning to classroom related learning activities and assessment tasks, along with ongoing collaboration with colleagues and expert facilitators. If you are interested in taking a facilitated course, contact your local PLA coordinator for assistance with course availability and registering for a PLA facilitated course.

Independent Study Courses

Our independent study courses feature self-paced learning, content related assessments, and follow-up activities. If you are interested in taking an independent study course, go to the BEESE Portal to PLA Home Page and click on Register/Sign-in under "Independent Study" to create an account and enroll in courses.

FDLRS Suncoast Spring 2024

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Human Resource Development

FDLRS Human Resources Development (HRD) function personnel collaboratively plan and provide information, training, and technical assistance/consultation and resources related to effective instructional strategies and models for the education of children and youth who are exceptional and/or have unique needs based on locally assessed needs and established priorities. 

HRD services include needs assessments and personnel development with multi-level professional development activities at the awareness, comprehensive, integration, application and follow-up levels.